marți, 20 decembrie 2011


I read some time ago about the Absolut Vodka's project and how it started back in 1985 with the first painting signed by Andy Warhol.When the company celebrated 30 years of activity in 2009 they created "Absolut Art Awards". The paintings are made on canvases with the shape of the Absolut's bottle which is based on the model used in pharmacies in 18 century, even the time had passed the bottles are made in the same factory as the original ones.Since the beginning it supported creativity collaborating with international known artists as Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Spike Jonze.The first romanian artist with which Absolut work is Andrei Pavel.On October 13 they unveiled a giant Absolut vodka bottle which will be the can for 17 artists.For more images click on thumbnails.









luni, 19 decembrie 2011

When it comes to fashion ....

When it comes to fashion everyoane is thinking of "streetstyle" or "lifestyle" kind of blogs, but that's not all that can be done with this whole domain. I try to get out the art from the fashion indusry, maybe you know about the colaborations between the famous fashion brands and international known artists, like Louis Vuitton colaboration with Robert Wilson and Olafur Eliasson for their shop window.Does this sound intresting to you?Or like the Loui Vuitton carousel s/s 2012 show